AK74 Sunburst Blonde

AK74 Sunburst Blonde

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These authentic Russian AK74 Sunburst sets are military refurbs. This means they have been used in the soviet army and then sent to a military warehouse for refurbishment and were finished like this in Russia. They may include military factory repairs. These can be seen on the front of the buttstock and handguard pictured. The outside finish is an epoxy based finish which does not make it optimal for refinishing but is very durable if you intend to keep as is. Hardware included will show wear.

All stocks sets come complete with Buttplate, Trapdoor (for Cleaning Kit), and Sling swivel installed.

These are available with Izhmash bakelite grips.

Stamped Squareback Receivers: Wasr10, Fully Converted Saiga’s, Bulgarian AK74’s, ect.

Ships within 24 hours of order placement.

Flat Rate $6.50

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